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Q: How do I sign up for an event?

A: Follow us on Instagram @project_5k and keep your eye out for new events! There will be a signup form for the vent which you will need to fill out

Q: I signed up for an event, now what?

A: Approximately 5-7 days before the event, volunteer leaders will send out another confirmation email to confirm all the details of the event. 

Q: How do I unsubscribe from the Project 5K newsletter?

A: We're sad to see you go! Hit the unsubscribe button in the newsletter or send an email to with the subject "unsubscribe" and the reason why you are unsubscribing.

Q: How do I put up events for my organization?

A: Send us an email at or through the contact form. Our members will follow up with your request and put your event up. Please note that we need at least 1 month's notice to recruit volunteers.

Q: Why did I not get a confirmation email for the event I signed up?

A: Confirmation emails are usually sent a few days after the deadline for sign-ups. Send us an email at or through the contact form. Volunteer leaders will follow up with your event signup process and let you know about further details of the event. 

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