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If you're looking to learn something new, check out some of these videos where highly-skilled students teach you the basics!

Spring Time Cupcakes

Leah Minkovich

Learn to decorate awesome cupcakes for the warm weather of the spring!

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Angela Teoderascu

Learn to bake some delicious red velvet cupcakes!

Bullet Journalling

Yangling Tong

Stay organized with style from Yangling's tutorial on bullet journalling


Mariam Mazhar

Hit the slopes with Mariam's expert advice on the basics of skiing!


Tung Coblentz

Want to knit a sweater while watching your favourite show? Tung's tutorial has you covered!

Jelly Soap

Alodie H.

Impress friends and family with homemade jelly soap!

Ollie on a Skateboard

Mateo M

Show off your friends your new skateboarding tricks after learning how to Ollie with Mateo

Figure Drawing

Imogen Chao

Draw your favourite character or people in general with Imogen's guide to figure drawing!

Computer Science

Visual Arts and Anatomy Drawing

Anthony Pirvuti

Nathanisha Snitwongse N Ayudhaya

Learn the basics of the world of computer science with Anthony!

Learn the correct proportions of drawing figures!

Riffle Stacking

Jonathan Wang

Become a cardistry master with Jonathan's guide to riffle stacking!

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