Volunteer to write a message and make a card to brighten the day of a front-line worker!


Our Goal

Our objective is to send as many Valentine's cards to front-line works to send our love, support and appreciation!

Why Apply?

Not only will you be lifting the spirits of the front-line workers, but you will also receive volunteer hours!

What do Volunteers do?

As a volunteer, you are responsible to create Valentine's Cards for front-line workers! More details about delivery and quantity are given once you sign up!



  • DO NOT include personal information in the cards

  • DO NOT address the cards to anyone specific Maximum size for the card is an 8.5’ by 11’ paper folded in half

  • PLEASE DO NOT attach candies, chocolates, e.t.c. in the cards!

  • Keep the message positive and respectful, and of course… full of love and appreciation

  • Be creative and have fun!