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Volunteer to write a message and make a card to brighten the day of a front-line worker!

Together we had:



- 2800+ CARDS!


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Our Goal

Our objective is to send as many Valentine's cards to front-line works to send our love, support and appreciation!

Why Volunteer?

Not only will you be lifting the spirits of the front-line workers, but you will also receive volunteer hours!


What Do Volunteers Do?

As a volunteer, you are responsible to create Valentine's Cards for front-line workers! More details will be provided by email after you sign up!


  1. Register for Project Valentine at 
    Note: Further instructions will be provided to registered volunteers through email

  2. Create your cards!

  3. Drop off your cards at a provided drop-off location

  4. Volunteer forms will be signed and the Project 5K team will deliver the cards

Card Guidelines


  • DO NOT include personal information in the cards

  • DO NOT address the cards to anyone specific Maximum size for the card is an 8.5’ by 11’ paper folded in half

  • PLEASE DO NOT attach candies, chocolates, e.t.c. in the cards!

  • Keep the message positive and respectful, and of course… full of love and appreciation

  • Be creative and have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What kind of cards are we making?

    • Volunteers will make appreciation cards with a Valentine’s Day theme, so make sure to emphasize care and thoughtfulness!

  • Are there requirements for cards? (eg. specifications)

    • See above for card guidelines

  • Can we buy cards and write words, or do we have to make original cards?

    • The cards have to be original and written by yourself. 

  • What kind of paper do we have to use for our cards? 

    • You may use normal printer paper or construction paper, depending on what is available to you. 

  • What is the deadline for card creation?

    • Further details are provided to volunteers by email (check your spam folder). If further issues arise, please contact us.

  • Is your organization registered?

    • Yes, Project 5K is a federally registered non-profit organization.

  • What is/who is Project 5K?

    • Project 5K is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to connect high school students with meaningful volunteer opportunities in their community. Our current initiative is Project Valentine, but if you want to hear about our future events and initiatives, feel free to sign up for our newsletter!

  • How do we get volunteer hours?

    • Each card created counts for half an hour (Eg. If you make two cards, then you earn one volunteer hour). Our executive team will check the number of cards created, and all volunteer forms will be signed after the event. 

  • What happens after we make the cards?

    • After you make the cards, you will drop off the cards at a drop-off location provided to you by email. Once you drop the cards, they will be delivered by our team to hospitals, long-term care homes, and more. Contact will be established and maintained by email.

  • How do we deliver the cards?

    • There will be drop-off locations where you will drop off your cards at the closest location to you. 

  • Is there any age/geographic requirement to sign up?

    • There is no age requirement, but you must be in high school to receive volunteer hours. The general geographic requirement is the GTA area, as volunteers must drop off their cards (UNLESS you are participating from another province, in which case, please refer to the local poster for more information).

  • Where will we make the cards?

    • You will make the cards at home, and then drop them off at a drop-off location. 

  • Can we make digital cards and print them?

    • No, you may not make digital cards and print them. You must make handmade cards and write original messages on them. 

  • Who are we writing the cards to/where are the cards going?

    • These cards will be delivered to paramedic workers and seniors who were affected by the pandemic.

  • What are “front-line workers” (Do restaurant workers, gas station workers, etc. count?)

    • Front-line workers are workers who were directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in their line of work. We are mainly targeting paramedics, hospital workers, and seniors with these cards. 

Any further questions? DM us @project_5k on Instagram, or email

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