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Project 5K is an organization dedicated to connecting high school students to meaningful volunteering opportunities in their community.

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WHO we are.

Our Origins

Project 5K is a non-profit organization created by youth for youth. The founders of Project 5K noticed that many youth want to volunteer, but they don't know where to volunteer. At the same time, there are many events that don't have enough volunteers. That's the reason why Project 5K started.


We aim to make volunteering opportunities more easily accessible for youth and connect them to various enjoyable volunteer opportunities to make their community a better place. 


Since establishing in 2014, we have been able to connect with over 2000 participants from over 150 schools across Ontario, and we continue to grow at a rapid rate.  


Making a Difference


Community Events

Project 5K organizes and hosts volunteer events that directly give back to the community!


Volunteer Opportunities

Our aim is to expose students to the joys of volunteering by providing them with enjoyable, high-impact work.



Are you an event organizer in need of volunteers to help with your events? We are looking to build long-term, sustainable community partnerships to provide more opportunities for our members.

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